My ex wants me to move in!!

My ex just asked me to move in with our girls... WTF. I don't know what to do. This maybe the chance I get for us to finally make things right. The problem is I would be giving up my geared to income house. And if things don't work out I wouldn't get away back. Unless I went to a homeless shelter. Maybe this is my way out though and maybe this is the risk in life I should just take and go with it. What do you all think?
he is still seeing another girl and plans to even when we move in. This however maybe the only chance I get to win him back. We have children together and I feel that with having to see each other everyday and working together to raise our children things will change. I plan to set up a contract that will ensure that I won't be left stranded.


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  • I wouldn't do it until you wait at leats a few months to see what's up with him.

    What terms are you on? Do you still have feelings for him? Was he abusive (emotionally or physically) in any way?

    • it is a weird and difficult situation. I love him but be is seeing someone else. We do for the most part get along and no he was never abusive. I want to have a contract that will give me a safety net in case things don't work out. I honestly do feel that if I move in we will eventually end things with this other girl and we can be a family. We have children together.

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    • I will

  • It's a big decision. I would see how he acts towards you for a little bit and then make a decision to see if its the ideal living situation for you and your kids.


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