Ex keeps trying to get my attention?...

So he broke up with me a month and a half ago because he wasn't ready for a serious relationship but still liked me a lot and gave me an indefinite answer about whether or not we would get back together in the future. At first he would avoid me so I gave him some space, but now all he's trying to do is grab my attention. I walk past him in the hallway talkiing to someone else, and he calls my name like five times until I answer his question. Or I avoid his eye contact and he stops me and talks to me. He also is super flirty and touchy with me like he will steal something of mine and then tease me about it. Like I was talking to my friend and he came up behind me and put his hands on my midarms and whispered in my ear something about my friend. Also he stares at me all the time in class, and its not just me who has noticed, a couple of my friends have noticed also. I do want to be in a relationship with him, but I'm not exactly sure what he's thinking. He did tell someone something along the lines of how after time he wanted to be friends again and start over and take it slow but I don't really know what to think about that. I also want to show him that he can't just get me back when he wants because he broke up with me. Should I give him space and play hard to get or slowly become friends with him as hoping to restart our relationship?


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  • What more would you want, honey? :)

    Would you want to get back with him now or would you like to teach him a lesson first, and that he has to work hard to have you again?

    When it comes to pride, nothing feels so much better than to let him work hard to have you back. So you could get the respect you deserve, right?

    But if you love him, and love is such a big heavy word, then you could follow your heart and get back with him. Pride, set aside.

    BUT WHAT IF, he just wants to have you back...as a friend?

    So it's still gonna be your call, honey.


    you could talk to him about it. Try confronting him calmly, why he does such things. And if he wants you back as a friend, then, you guys can be friends. But if he wants you back as his girl, then imo, he has to work hard on that.


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