How can I move forward with this relationship?

So I met this guy last semester. We have 2 classes together now and we just picked schedules for next semester. We are both taking speech class and he said he wanted to be in my class so he would know somebody. So he switched classes. He sometimes sits by me. We often study and do homework together. The problem is that we only do school. We're friends on Facebook and we post videos back and forth but that's pretty much it. I had a status a while back about wanting to go see the new movie Olympus Has Fallen and asking if anybody wanted to go with me and he said he did. We set a date, but then he had a soccer game and we never got around to it. Then we were doing homework last week and he said we should go bowling, but I was out of town so we couldn't. My question is...does he like me? If so how can we go further? Thanks everyone!


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  • I think he defiantly likes you, I 've had a few similar situations last year

    with a couple girl Is meet in classes. Its a special(and different) situation because you guy are

    so used to the formal school situation like doing work together, studying etc...going from that to outta school its tricky. I would try to do something like say after school when you know you are both free, example would be like after an exam, or study session grab a beer, or go for a coffee be gradual. Take it slow...


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  • Both the other guys are rite he likes you. that the parells of moddern life I guess everyone I sbusy.

    Try and keep it simple thing don't keep falling through

  • He really does like you.

    To make it go further, you should push your dates through.


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