Trying to find out where I stand

So there's this guy I like. We hooked up on my birthday, neither of us were drinking. It was intimate. That night he cuddled and wouldn't let go. If I moved he would pull me back in. He also wanted me to stay and sleep in and got breakfast. That was two months ago. He had a girlfriend then. He moved out of state two weeks ago, and he dumped her. Him and me still talk and he said he misses me so much that he's moving back for me in a month and has the move planned out. The only thing is I don't know where I stand and if he's still talking to the girl he was dating. I want to have that conversation with him but in person...


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  • You should just ask him.

    There's no way your relationship might bud into something if you don't ask him where both of you stand.


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