Honestly, is there anything a girl can do to encourage her "casual" sex partner to get in a relation with her?

Honestly, is there anything a girl can do to encourage her "casual" sex partner to get in a relationship with her and fall for her?

So September of last year I met an amazing guy after breaking up with my two year boyfriend. We had sex after our fourth date. He then treated me well, etc.

I thought we were in a relationship. Then in December he started being distant and around March he said he's not ready for a relationship. I was hurt and started dating another guy as a rebound.

Turns out, the guy I was and still am in love with rebounded with me and isn't over his EX who is in another country!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Honestly? No.

    It's out of her hands.

    If it happens, it will happen because he wants to. There's nothing she can do to make him want it.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Nope. And girls need to stop thinking they can change a man or make a man love them via sex. It's stupid beyond all hell. You can't change a guy and it's really insulting to us guys that you think you can. I mean, think about it, if a guy was trying to change you, wouldn't you be insulted as well? If he's not into more, he's not into more. If that's not what you want, then you're not right for each other and should move on.

  • Sorry to say, nothing can really be done. If you are a casual sex partner you're pretty much going to stay a casual sex partner. We guys don't have much respect for girls that are easy, we want a challenge. Since you had sex so early you pretty much are only good for a FWB and that's it.

  • F*** no, f*** yes!

  • There's nothing you can do to turn it into a relationship.

    It's hopeless since he's only seeing you for sexual reasons.


What Girls Said 1

  • The most important thing in repationship is nature. It is not a simpe thing. Understanding his needs (which is not always having sex) and supporting him if he is in some confusion can make miracules. In myculture - Indai relationship as sex partner is not considered a good thing. It is allowed (officially, many manage before it) only after marraige. Respecting each other and understanding each other is the only key.


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