Getting Her back?(steps?)

Well my ex broke up with me after two years. We have a child. Our relationship was going down hill and we lacked intimacy. We got into the routine of waking up, working(work together) coming home playing with our kid and going to bed sometimes alone. I admit I even was lacking the spark but I didn't give up. She did and said she wasn't attractive to me like that now and only sees me as baby daddy pretty much. I don't want to string myself along just in case it is done for good but I want to know am I taking the right steps in getting her back. I am no contacting her, getting my own place(she even said I should show that I can be independent without her) which could bring that attraction back, working out and going out with friends both girls and guys. I unfollowed her on twitter and instagram and we are friends on FB but I unfollowed her newsfeed but she can still see mine. Any advice as to what else to do. I believe under the circumstances I can't contact her even if its a hey what's up because she lost feelings for me and it shows I'm still not over it. Any help would be awesome


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  • You need to romance her thats why your love died. WOmen and men for that part are pretty simple. Little gifts or compliments. Even when you do not feel like it do it anyway. Trips and dates and talking about the good old times. The best tip I have ever heard and when I followed it I always had great successes is that you never stop trying to win their heart. If you have just started dating or have been married 30 years act like its your first date. With that said where you are at ask her to start small go for coffee, then a meal, bring some flowers. You have to do things slow and easy but also so her you care. If you move to slow you can also loose it. You have to remember the first date thing.

  • There's nothing you can do now.

    You should just find another girl.


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