I have been in a relationship for 4 years. three of them were violent years a my ex was abused during his

Childhood. He thought that all my boyfriends treated me this way. Physically fighting. No. Never in my life, only with him. So he stopped. We were going to eventually kill one another if it didn't stop. So now we have an autistic son. Beautiful boy. My problem is this guy now out of the blue speaks disrespectful to me, and my twelve year old son. I feel he doesn't like my son. My son is now defiant as he has hit puberty, he is talking back. I try to explain to my guy that he should set an example instead of talking my child down and killing his self esteem. I'm tired of this guy and I can't get why he can't understand. He does not treat his children that way. Neither do i. He does not treat his family this way. Only me, and my oldest. I tell him to speak to me about things privately, not in front of the kids and their friends beside it shows them I have no authority. Show me some respect or I'm giving him the same exact treatment. His children also. He said he'd leave. Lmao. This guy. Why is it so hard to eat what you dish out? If he loves me, he can make an effort as he has done in the past. What's wrong with this guy? Or is it me? Cause I'm ready to leave him any minute now. I know I can be treated better because I have been. But I am the only one making any kind of effort. Advice? Mans perspective? Not woman please. Thanks.


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  • A woman's perspective can help, because the women that go through abuse can help you there.

    Isn't he in a relationship with you? What do you mean by "his family"? Aren't you his family? Did you get back together? is that why he is in your son's life? Are you still with him? Could you clarify?

    If you're still with him, then perhaps it is better for you to not stay with him, because he is disrespectful to you. No man should belittle his wife/girlfriend. He isn't considerate, so you shouldn't have to stay with him. This isn't a good example for your kid. You will have no authority if your kid sees that your husband/boyfriend keeps on talking over you. So get out and away from him. It's too bad that you didn't think about this before you got into a relationship with him. This guy's personality isn't so great.


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