Am I showing too much interest? do I need to calm down?

I think I'm starting to like this guy in my class. he's really awesome. At first, I only liked him as a friend but the more I get to know him, the more I see that he's a really great guy.

But now I'm worried that I might be showing too much interest. I don't want to scare him away. Even if he doesn't like me back, I don't want him to stop talking to me.

Ok so we talk in class and we walk together afterward. Also, I sit next to him whenever I can in that class. He always teases me and I smile a lot and sometimes laugh at what he says. (Not all the time. I know those giggly girls are annoying. I'm not like that). And sometimes, he'll initiate conversation and if he doesn't, I'll say something. And when we say bye to each other, he stands close to me and I look at him in the eyes instead of backing away or something.

And last time in class, I was in a group with one of the girls he talks to and I had to answer a question about 2 traits I look for in a partner and I said smart and nice. And the girl smiled and looked down. I don't know if she suspects but I try not to make it obvious.

I don't want to annoy him or anything. So does it seem like I'm making it obvious? Do I need to calm down or something? And its weird that I actually am like this because I don't normally approach people or make the effort to talk to people like this time. I just feel really comfortable with him and we seem to get along well.


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  • You're not making it obvious.

    You're not showing too much interest.

    The odds are he'll listen and try to move things with you.


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