Why do women/girls always bring up self defense when they attack someone

I'm I the only one who notices that? Seems like that's the only excuse women/girls use when they attack or kill someone case in point, Jodi Arias who she killed her ex boyfriend in 08. She stabbed him over 20 times, slit his throat and shot him in the face, and yet some actually believe this bull sh*t women like her say. We all know if the gender roles were reverse everyone would be like he's a monster don't give him any trial and lock his ass up in jail for life. If women want to be treated fairly then why do they use the sex card as an excuse? by the way If I was plaining to kill someone I wouldn't use multiple ways to do it. Thoughst.


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  • Stabbing someone 20 times, slitting their throat and then shooting them is not self-defence. What she just wanted to be sure, to be sure, to be sure. Its like other defendants stating I accidentally stabbed him, 18 times. An accident happens once. What he ran into the knife 18 times. Its bullsh*t. Automatically when a woman goes missing or is murdered the husband/partner is number one suspect but when a woman actually kills her husband/partner the line of thought is oh he must have been a bastard. Male domestic abuse is increasing dramatically because people always assume its the guy that's wrong and not that the woman may possibly be a nutjob. Equality for the genders has to mean exactly that -equality, in every regard.


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  • It's a sad fact in the criminal justice system that female offenders are often seen as victims as opposed to actual manipulative individuals.

    However, I read in my corrections course that the rate of female violent offenders is growing at twice the rate of male violent offenders.

    We're not there yet, but one day society will see that females are just as capable of deadly acts as males are.

    • I agree and thanks you for not being rude. I just hate it when someone assumes it was in self defense even if the woman doing the crime says it was. I believe if I were to attack someone male or female and I brought up the self defense excuse most if not all would be like lol yeah right.

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    • It must drive your insane to see some women like Jodi Arias give other females a bad name.

    • Yeah, it does. But not as much as you may think. In my field of study, you basically have to accept that everyone in the world is a nutcase waiting to happen. It doesn't matter their gender, race, social class...So it never surprises me when a female snaps and offs someone.

  • Too many people overlook that men are significantly physically stronger than women, and tend to be the main perpetrators of crimes.

    Sure, some women use self-defense to cover a crime that THEY did, but that is the minority.

    And, things aren't fair when it comes to the law. I didn't report being physically abused by my exes because there was no point. Nothing would have been done, but at least they don't contact me, which is what I wanted in the end.

    • Btw, Jodi Arias is a real, sick, sociopathic criminal. She is one of the women who certainly cannot say she was a victim of circumstance, self-defense, etc. She is one scary, evil lady.

  • Women are more likely to be attacked by a male than the other way around, therefore self defense is plausible tactile. You don't typically hear drunken wives beating up their husbands do you? At the same time, I'm not trying to justify what that lady did nor saying that women surely can't be as vicious as men can be, I'm just stating that's the reason, and I don't feel that has anything to do with woman wanting to be equal to men. Men are and typically always will be physically stronger than a women, so in some cases I 100% support the harm done unto a male who abuses a female. But this is not the case, just plain murder.


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