What is the average in a relationship?

How often to people in a relationship

have sex

get into fights

spend time together.

and what not

I know it changes depending how long the couple has dated so what is the average for a couple that has been together for almost a year?

My boyfriend and I are hitting rough patches its because we are far from each other and we talk every day because we live a state away (he is moving back in less than a year and will be home for three months during the summer) so yeah every two weeks we get into a bit of an argument except he doesn't call it that he doesn't think we fight. I guess I get mad and he doesn't


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  • There might be an average, but a study has never been done on this. Not a REAL study, anyhow. Cosmo articles don't count.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your rough patch, hun. I was away from my boyfriend last summer for almost 4 months, and only saw him twice in that time. It was hard, and I had a lot of people trying to conviince me that it wasn't worth it. But we made an effort to try and keep each other in the loop. We didn't talk all day, but he would text me when he got up for work in the morning, and I would text him before I went to bed, and we would send a few texts here and there inbetween. Little gestures like that show that you're thinking of each other. But we bickered a lot in that time to. And like you, I took it much harder than he did. He didn't like our fights but got over them pretty fast, and I was so upset and worried that he would be mad, that I would be mad, etc. Most of our fights involved miscomunication and just simply being frustrated at missing each other. If you are fighting about a specific thing over and over, try and get it out and deal with it. Communication is the key to a LDR. And even when you are pissed at him, just remember to let him know that you love him. Even when it's 2 am and you're pissed that he did X and Y and he doesn't get what he did wrong, sometime's it's okay to agree to talk about it in the morning. And sometimes it's okay to let sleeping dogs lie.

    But I don't want you to think that your relationship needs to be "average" or like everyone elses. If you want my oppinion, this is one of the biggest mistakes that women make. They want to know what men like to see women in, so they can wear it. They want to know what the best kind of music is, so they can listen to it. They want to know what the perfect woman is like, so they can be that woman. But this never works. There IS no such thing as a perfect relationship, and stressing about how often you fight/f***/talk/etc will just make you paranoid. Maybe your relationship is different than mine. Maybe you talk more and f*** less. Maybe we fight more and go out less. Maybe we go out more and talk less. Etc. Every person is different, so every relationship is going to be different too. As long as you and your man keep lines of communication open and are always willing to compromise and develop your relationship, you are in a good place. Just try and find a balance where you are happy and you are trying to make him happy. There will be tough days, but work on them together. That's a good place to be in. It might be a different place than where your bestie and her man are, but that's okay.

    I hope this helps. I'm sorry that your man is so far away! *hugs* Keep your chin up!

    • this does helps it makes me realize I am being paranoid and worrying that it will become like the last relationship

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  • It's just too hard to answer.. There's so many variables..

    Long distance relationship? Recent argument? Recent loss of a family member or friend? Is work holding him up? Has he been generally stressed out? etc.. I don't think your really seeing how much what you want is affecting you personally. To me everything looks normal from what you've described. If I were in your shoes, I'd be fighting with my girlfriend probably once a week because I'd just want to hold her amongst many other things. Try listening to some music to pass the time, hopefully summer gets here quicker! I'm sure it'll be a blast when he gets there, don't pay much attention to the fights.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • i keep comparing my past to not my present. I am now starting to have nightmares because this relationship completely different from the ones I have had before. He has a different personality he isn't the shy or bad boy type. He is a jock outgoing and very independent. He is going to be the longest relationship I ever had so it is really scary. I miss him every day he isn't here and he calls me every day tells me he loves me and misses me.

  • give love take love

    give care take care


    is called average in a relationship

  • That would depend on how close those couple are , and it doesn't have anything to do how long they are together.


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