What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in French Literature but without work expierence

I'm asking for my brothers ex fiance here. They had been dating since I don't know something like 17 years. They went to college together and moved back home afterward. He's a doctor but she never really worked. They lived off fine his money and she just volunteered a lot.

Now they're both 30 and broke up, it's a long story but mainly he's in love with someone else. She has been staying with my boyfriend and me that past few weeks but this is unbearable. She's not easy to get a along with and also I'll be done with my residency in a few weeks and move back to my home town and work in my fathers practice,with my brother.

So ya she needs a job soon. As I said she does have a degree in French Literature but go rejected from all the jobs she applied to. My dad offered her a job as receptionist in his practice but I don't think that's a good idea. It was a messy break up.

So does anyone have similar degree? Did you get a job? What did you do to stand out? Thinking outside of the box what other jobs are there she could apply to?

Please tell me it's possible and thanks in advance


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  • Is she actually fluently bilingual?

    Literature degrees on their own are pretty horrible in terms of career impact.

    She was well qualified to be a cultured and interesting-at-dinner-parties doctor's wife and a mother, perhaps.

    • not really she used to be pretty good with reading and writing but it's been 7 years since here degree and she's never been in france for longer than 2 weeks

      Well that is what she wanted to, but the best laid plans...

      I'm actually really glad now that I suffered through med school

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  • there is not much you can do with a degree in french litterature...

    She can try to be french teacher or translator. That's about it.

    I hope you are not in France right now because it's really not the moment to look for a job... economy is terrible.

    She should get your father's job

    • We are in Nashville but my dad has his practice in a small town a few hours away. It's not exactly great for jobs here either

  • French teacher. Intepreter. Translator.

    That's about it. Maybe move to a French speaking country and do the reverse thing?

  • That would be a school teacher/professor.


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