I feel cheated and like none of it was real.

First time to break up from what I assumed was a deep, strong, and long-lasting relationship. We were truly soul-mates, never knew a love so complete could exist... well, unfortunately, we broke up. I'm now re-considering and re-examining everything we had together. And I feel like all this time none of it was sincere, like there was nothing there, and it was all an illusion. Or is it the pain from the break-up that makes me feel this way? I feel cheated.


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  • What you are experiencing is grief and you really need to let your self go through it. They say that a break up form a serious relationship is worse than a death because often there are so many things unresolved and never will be and that can be torture for the soul.

    We all experience grief in different ways and you do need to monitor your emotional world as it can lead to deep depression if you feel your self heading that way seek help as it can be a very dark pit to climb out of and one you can't do by yourself.

    Nurture yourself... Do 10 things a day just for you.

    small things that help you move through the pain.

    Your heart will heal... you will love again, but right now you just need to let

    yourself feel what you feel wether it's true or not... there are several stages to grief it may be beneficial to seek out a councillor to guide you through this very painful time. It is important that you put a name to what you are going through so you can understand it's a process and you just need to let it run it's course.

    The worst thing you can do is go straight into another relationship...but I think you know that. Your heart is broken and I feel your pain.


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  • It's the pain of the break-up.

    You should just move on and find another guy.

  • "And I feel like all this time none of it was sincere, like there was nothing there, and it was all an illusion."

    Feelings aren't tangible. You can't pick them up and look at them. But if you were sincere, and felt that there was something there, then even if you were wrong, it's still not an illusion.


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