Is it healthy to get angry after break up so you can move on?

I find myself writing texts that I don't send and writing emails that I don't send really laying into my ex. He preaches we need to stay friends because I want you in my life YET I hardly hear from him UNLESS he wants us to meet UP and potentially have sex. I see it so CLEARLY now and I was a fool to fall into a routine that was harmful to ME. I honestly think I am more upset with myself for playing the fool and allowing someone to clearly use me. It makes me MAD that I was so weak minded and now I feel like I lost the BALL and I can't get it BACK so I can once again hold the cards and be the one who WALKED AWAY with her head high. I guess it doesn't matter in the end who holds the ball or what not, but wouldn't it feel so GOOD to be the one who had the last laugh? I know people say the greatest revenge is living a good life and moving on happy...But does anyone else feel like getting angry is a natural course of healing in a break up?


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  • I would say it'd be healthy to completely cut each other out of your lives. Until at least your ready to be around him. Your not over it yet, and that's completely normal. Being around him isn't going to help.

    Sometimes you need to just get mad though. It helps you get over it.

    You can find a productive way to get rid of that pent up energy, like maybe exercise, or, like you e been doing, writing.

    Either way, being around him is making you have these feelings, so cut him off and if things change between you two and you can be over him than great


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  • yes getting angry is normal but staying that way is un healthy. I think writing how you really feel down is good therapy, in your case email and text yet not pressing the send button. Keep doing this until you tired of doing it. You are not a fool! The other person is. look at it as a lesson learned and know you know the signs of a person who only want one thing. Hope you feel better.

    Going through the same thing but with friendship!

  • Yes get angry get pissed tell him what you really think. Then get as far away from him as you can with no contact and keep it that way.


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