He suddenly went cold

I´m meeting one guy in work (he´s from another company, we don´t work together, we just simply meet from time to time). Some time ago we had a very good conversation and I´ve got an impression he is flirting with me. As I´m very shy I probably was not reacting and didn´t show signs of interest. In the meantime I was two weeks on holiday. When I came back to work , I decided that I want to move this forward, so I found an excuse to email him (related to work stuff), but he responded only with shortly "yeap, thanks".. nothing else. Why is he suddenly so cold after he showed he is interested? Please help.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You're over thinking things.

    It's just one message. Don't get that over you.

    He's still interested.

    • Yesterday he even asked his secretary to follow up with me on work stuff (his firm is buying products from my company). He doesn?t even want to talk with me directly :(

What Girls Said 1

  • Its because you didn't react to his flirting and he took it as a sign and moved on.

    • this is what I hope for.. any idea how can I fix this without making a fool of myself?

    • If he is still available to date, just try to flirt with him and see where it leads.

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