My girlfriend got a text from an ex of hers, what should I do?

He texted her and said "[girlfriends name], I love you". She told me as soon as I got up in the morning and said she blocked his number now. That was not the first time she told me he had texted. She has not replied to the texts though. I asked her for his number and last name, but she had blocked his number and said because of that she couldn't give it to me, and that I was being mature about it that she blocked him and we should just let it be. What do you think? Should I let it be? Should I find out more about him and kick his ass? Should I try to communicate with him and make sure he knows my lady is MY lady? I am sure I want to marry her some day, and I don't want us getting harassed by her ex or exes again. She is my first serious girlfriend and I'm not really sure how to deal with this.


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  • the fact that he didn't get over her and is saying he loves her like that could mean they had a conversation a while back that lead him on plus by not telling you his name at least it seems odd ... id kick his ass

    • Could be, but I really trust her. Said she wouldn't tell me his last name because she is afraid I would find him and do something stupid.

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  • It sounds like she's handling it. I'd say you should only step in if the ex gets out of control.


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