Has your personality ever changed after dating someone then breaking up?

So my dilema is that I feel my personality has changed after I dated my ex for about 2 years and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

A little about my relationship with her, I dated her for about 2 years, we went along good until we went to college and there everything got f***ed up.

I was probably like the model boyfreind being extremely nice and doing whatever I can to make her happy, I put up with a lot just to make her happy, I would go grocery shopping for her, make her dinners, take her out to expensive dinners and musicals pretty much anything to make her happy.

At college we both did things that hurt the other like she kept telling me that she wanted to be with others guys, she never did while she was with me but who knows, she would usually go online and cyber sex with guys but no cams, I told her to stop cause that was like cheating to me but she lied and kept doing and and I had to find out a couple of times, she would fight over the stupidest things like me getting her the wrong kind of drink etc etc and would freak out over it,

I did some things too to her I think the worst thing I did was steal some money from her cause I was in debt ( I know it was wrong I wish I never did it, I had every intention to pay her back as soon as I could and I did) I was jelous and suspicious later on after what she told me and did. I feel like I have been emotionally and mentally screwed with.

we broke a couple months after college in the summer and went our separate ways, since then she went on to have sex with 8 other guys and I just had some clean fun by going bars with my friends in toronto and having fun, after a couple months she wanted to get back together cause she realized that I was a good boyfriend and wanted me back cause she missed how I treated her and such so we got back together and now I am not the same as I was with her way back then

i do love her but I don't think I love her the same she does me I feel I have gotten harsher and meaner ( which I never was before I was a nice kind person) to her as I am nowhere the person I was before and she realizes that too as she mentioned it alot

i don't know if its my personality now or I'm just like that to her so I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else? any answer will be awesome and the best answer will get best answer thing.


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  • Yeah the same happened to me but the other way around.

    I was in my "player" period so I was extra confident, judgemental, and arrogant. I picked her up, we dated, and I uncounsciously hurted her many times by being a jerk. we dated for a year and a half.

    I realized she was hurt by my character so I slowly became to change for her. I became nicer (my game level dropped down... I was so pissed at that later on).

    As I became nicer we also had other couple issues (ex and sh*t...)

    We ended up breaking up, but she was feeling better in the overall (since I was nicer) and me, because of becoming some soft f**g, I allowed her to hurt me as well. (guess I half deserved it).


    In your case, you totally gave her all the power I am quite shocked to be honest.

    " I would go grocery shopping for her, make her dinners, take her out to expensive dinners and musicals pretty much anything to make her happy."

    ... wow... It's like she could also use your face and your dignity to wipe the floor with, if she wanted to...

    "fight over the stupidest things like me getting her the wrong kind of drink "

    I mean WOAW bro. I would have emptied the drink on her face for acting like such disrespectful spoilt brat.

    You sir, have a legendary patience.

    • lol your answer is awesome man, it made me rethink a lot and I thank you, I totally agree with you with me giving her all the power and she did basicly did wipe the floor with me ha ha I geuss it was just the way I was raised but I have come to realize that that is no way to be or live. I have come along way from being that, I'm still a nice guy and all but nowhere near what I used to be, I'm kind of glad it happened, changed me for the better ill say

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  • I guess you just reacted the way you felt you needed. Maybe you will find someone else to love! :)

    • hey thankx! I sure hope I do, I have a lot of love to give but just doesn't seem like I can find a nice normal girl.

  • I think I've changed a lot after the break up and I also found out that my ex has gone back with his ex(es) that made me realize that nothing lasts forever and people come and go. He's a good guy though but he's so unstable when it comes relationship so I'd say never again.


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  • I think I have changes like you a little only because I'm pissed off at ex girlfriend, like you I treated her nicely, did shopping and cooked clean etc yet she was still flirting with other guys, women say they want someone nice who can look after them... (scratching head).

    Can I ask Would you take her back knowing she's slept with 8 guys?

    • I did take her back but I only found out that she slept with 8 other guys in 3 months not too long ago and it disgusts me, she even tried to f*** her best freinds boyfriend by seducing him and going as far as touching each other before he had a change of heart which really disgusted me too, I think its all psychological and my way of dealing with all this. when women say they want someone nice they really dont, they want to be treated like crap by some douche bag who couldntcareless about them

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    • funny thing is that's exactly what she is doing now, I see that she has changed but everything she has done in the past I just can't forget or forgive

    • You will never foret, move on and find someone better, I know it's not what you want to hear but it's the right decision

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