Be friends with ex before we actually settle?

I loved and still do love my ex. There are circumstances that broke us up. We're young, we've been in the relationship since the age of 16, now 24. We're both busy in school and there were some incompatibility issues that I think are improvable, but went unresolved/dragged on since we went into this relationship so young and haven't had the opportunity to really improve ourselves and mature as individuals/adults. From my understanding, there is love from both sides. I understand we need to take some time apart romantically to find ourselves and what we want in life.

Does my situation even make sense? Does anyone else relate?

What I want to know is, should I still be friends with him? Ultimately I want us to be together but I do understand why we aren't in a relationship together at this moment.We need to mature and accomplish somethings like school before we really settle down. It's not fair to either of us if we can't give ourselves emotionally, physically or enough time at this point.. or experience our youth to the fullest without some freedom. I miss him as a best friend and just miss doing things with him like working out and studying. If we do remain friends, will that hinder our lives in anyway or hope of eventually getting back together?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should be really friends with him.

    It might turn out into something in the future, but be friends just for assurance.

    He's perfect for you.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not sure when this was posted but I'm in the exact same situation. My ex is graduating later this year and doesn't know where his career will take him. I will still be in school for another two years (he's 23, I'm turning 21 in September). He broke it off with me though he loved dating me he just said it's bad timing and doesn't want a long term relationship until he figures out his life and career path. But he still calls me his best friend and we talk all the time as if we never broke up. We still hang out too, but not as much. He told me I'm the perfect fit for a best friend and there are things he'd rather do with me than his other girl friends.

    But I think you all should stay friends, especially if you think there's a shot on you all getting back together eventually. I think that's honestly why my ex is keeping me around.


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