So is he trying to take things slow?

My ex broke up with me a month and a half ago because he wasn't emotionally mature enough for a serious relationship but still liked me a lot, and gave an indefinite answer about whether or not we would get back together. At first he would avoid me and ignore me so I just gave him space and didn't beg or plead and went on with my life and acted happy even though I wasn't at the time. Then after a few weeks of little to no contact (NC is impossible we go to school together), he started initiating contact a little more each day. I never initiate contact with him but he always does and gets more flirty each time. My friends and I catch him staring at me in class, and he's also very touchy. Yesterday was the first time we talked alone with no one else around while walking to our next class. He teased me and seemed to be very playful and kind of tapped my nose. It was rainy out and I told him I looked like a mess and he was like yeah you do, then I was like hey! and he's like I'm kiddingg you look good. Also, he came up close behind me and put his hands on my midarms and whispered in my ear something about my friend. Finally, he said that he was going to get something for me for my birthday which is in 6 months. Is he trying to slowly rekindle a relationship by starting off as friends? How should I play this (be flirty back or play hard to get)? I don't want him to be able to get back with me that easily as he broke up with me and I don't want him to feel like he controls me and can get me back when he wants.


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  • Yes, it seems like he wants to rekindle your lost relationship.

    If you still like him, then go with the flow.


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