Did I just make the wrong choice on a first hang out?

The girl I like came over tonight to watch a movie. She's aware that I like her and she apparently likes me a bit too. We've only recently become friends and this was our first time hanging out so I decided not to make a move. It went pretty well and we talked a lot and joked around but I'm kinda regretting not making a move on her. I feel like she might've wanted me too but I also for the feeling she didn't. We texted after and stuff about her maybe coming over again but this time watching a scary movie instead of the comedy one we watched but I just felt like crap for not making a move. She's not really the kind of girl who does a lot of hooking up with guys so that was also a factor to me backing off. I don't want her to think I'm not interested tho

Do you think I made the wrong decision?
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  • You didn't make the wrong decision.

    Actually, that's good because it shows that you're not just seeing her for hookup reasons.


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