Confused girlfriend do I have a chance to get her back ?

so basicly i`ve been dating this girl for 11mnths and we broke up 2 and a half months ago. since we broke up we never loose contact. she said she broke up because she saw no future with me because I was a little mean to her. She`s still doing all the small things for me and somethimes I see her still reacting like when we`r together. Last time we meet we kissed to and had sex (oral sex) She says she don`t know what she wants. And since the breakup she never dated any other guy as far as I know and she says she doesn`t want anyone else. but when I confront her she tells me she doesn`t want what we had back but she reacts very different. I'm trying to change from the person I used to be. She said she still loves me and misses me. We also text everyday and somethimes she sends me on her own. Do I have a chance with her? and what can I do to have her back?


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  • If you were mean and didn't treat her right my guess based on my own experience is she fought hard for a long time to get things right with you. After a while you just get worn out. Going through the same thing now I really liked/loved him and he acted like a jerk sometimes back and forth now he is catching up to my feelings and I am feeling over the BS. My feelings are not the same. So is it a lost cause I don't think so you have to show her and be good to her and make her feel special and safe and then maybe her confusion will clear and she will feel comfortable to love you again without doubts. If you want her back go all out what do you have to lose let her know how you feel do something nice for her flowers etc most girls what a guy that makes them feel special unique not easily replaced. so I guess maintain contact and show her you can change if she is not dating it is probably because she is heartbroken right now.


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  • You still have a chance with her.

    Spend more time with her.

    Let her know that your feelings for her will never waver.


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