Was she hurt in any way at all?

She was my first real girlfriend and the first person I've been in love with. She broke up with me over a phone call once I got back into town to see her. I had a belated birthday present to give her but she wouldn't accept it. It was devastating. That same month we had a class together every weekday. I felt I could bargain my way out of this misery by trying to talk her into getting back with me. This turned her into a cold hearted bitch. We avoided each other the rest of the month. 3 months later she came up to me and looked as if she wanted me to say something. Seeing the face once I fell in love with turned me stone cold; I was still hurt and couldn't pull myself to talk to her.

Is breaking up with someone painful for the person who makes the decision as well as the victim?


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  • Depends on why they broke up, how long together, how much you liked each other. It can be painful but I have broke up with a couple guys and felt nothing because I waited to the point where all the love died because they were jerks. In a mutual non jerk break up yes it hurt but sometimes you just can't make things work and you have to give up.


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