How do I get my girlfriend back?

Me and my girlfriend were together for about 5 and half months amazing months I know she is the one and I want her back but I don't know how?

on the 12th of April she said she need space so I gave it to her and only messaging her when she asked me question. She wanted the space because I had be come to needy due to losing my job I had no out put, except her and then she asked me to meet her 19th of April where she hugged me as she got of the bus we went to get coffee and I thought everything was fine I told her I loved her and she said I love you back, then I kissed her and it was just like kissing her before she wanted space. We sat down and I explained that I knew I was being clingy I opened up and told her why? And then she passed me a letter on the letter it said

"So I am writing this letter to you, because I know as soon as I see you I will want to cry and I won't be able to talk properly... She went on to say that she still loved me and still cared about me but she felt like she needed to concentrate on her career as an actress and she would be able to fully concentrate on me and that was unfair on me she ended the letter by saying. And I feel one day we shall meet again, I hope soon, when my life is at where I want it to be so I can fully concentrate on you! must understand how much I often remember the touch of your lips on mine, and how the feel of your skin pressed to mine, that is why is hurting my heart so much writing you this letter and it may not even make sense because it really is my thoughts lead in the pen, but I think you will understand , because you have understood me better than anyone else ever has."

and then when I asked her about it she said she didn't want to regret anything but she told my family and our friends that she will always love me but she will never get back with me. Well I sent her a hand written letter saying.

"Hey, I'm writing this letter to you just to say I over reacted, and after thinking things through I accept the decision you made. I also agree you should focus on your career. I'm going to give you time and space you need. Maybe at some point we can stay in touch. I also forgot to tell you I've got an interview for college maybe I could tell you about it sometime."

How do I get her back I lover so much and not being with her hurts so much, please help

thank you


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  • You don't want her back.

    First off, I know the pain of a breakup, I'm going through it now. I know how terrible it feels and what you're gonna have to go through.

    Dude, basically what she did is she gave you the "its not you, its me" routine. You don't want to be with a girl like that. She may be a great girl, she may have treated you nice, and she may have been faithful, but when it comes down to it, she was not as emotionally invested as you, and odds are she never will be.

    Relationships that work out are absolute. Its either you're crazy about the person or you're not. There is no "I kinda love you, but..." There is no "I love you, I just don't know what I want right now..." There is no "I love you, but I need my space..."

    When it comes down to it, if you truly love someone, you find time to be dedicated to them. You don't just simply let something you love keep it, cherish it, and enjoy it through the good times and bad.

    Your ex girlfriend is not doing this for you, and odds are waiting for her to do so is nothing but a waste of time. Don't continue to put off the pain and hurt in a breakup. I hate to be negative, but start the healing process.

    Good luck man.

  • It just sounds like the relationship has run its course. I somehow very much doubt her actual reasons for wanting space. Says she can't focus on acting and a relationship? Who is she? Nicole Kidman? I mean I used to be in Hollywood, it's easy to maintain auditioning for professional venues, and be with someone. Just sounds like she isn't WORTH YOUR TIME or feels you two are really not going to make it in terms of a truly romantic and therefore intimate relationship if she is that willing to let you go.

    Somewhere along the way, you lost your value or whatever she saw in you. It definitely was not that strong enough considering it has certainly faded. I also doubt she wrote the letter because "it would hurt too much" to tell you in person. Yet again, it seems like she's thinking of herself (Oh I don't want to cry..I want to tell you what I feel) but it doesn't matter. Bottom line she will only cry because she's pitying you in some fashion. In another fashion she feels something but it clearly was never what you thought it out to be ...if it was: she'd still be fighting for you. Clearly you aren't worth her time or her time to "Cry" so she drafted a letter which is easier to avoid confrontation but also write a letter to get the full break up message across.

    I say move on and spend time on someone less of a joke.


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