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My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now, the fourth time we broke up was last week... But now we are back together ...again!... I always come back to him ! I don't know why!. I know I don't love him anymore! but I can't live without him! What should I do. I am completely lost in my mind.
Finally decided to break up for ever now


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  • You girls make things super complicated for both yourselves and for us, my ex girlfriend kept telling me that she loves me more than she could ever love anyone else but she can't be with me, that she doesn't need a relationship.. believe me, it would have been much easier if she just said she doesn't love me anymore.

    and it seems we have the opposite situation for you, if you don't love him and don't see him as the one, you should leave him, you probably just don't wanna be alone and are used to having someone, but just think of all the other opportunities you might be missing out on, if you are not happy then you NEED to make a change, you decide what would that change be


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  • If you can't say that you really love him then leave him

  • Find a new guy.


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