Does he still have feelings for me? FWB.

I started a friends with benefits relationship with my ex-boyfriend (who I dated for 4 years). After the break up we didn't see or speak to each other for 6 months until we met by chance.

I was lonely and my toys were no longer enough to satisfy me.

So I proposed the idea to him and he agreed to it.

I've slept over at his place twice and both times, we would get pizza delivered, watch a movie and play video games.

After the deed is done, we slept and he would cuddle/hold me for the whole night. The last time I slept over, in the middle of the night he hugged me tightly and repeatedly whispered my name. He would occasionally feel up my body too. I thought that he was awake, but he was completely passed out.

I asked him if he remembered anything during the night and he replied no with a confused look on his face. So I didn't press the matter.

Is there any explanation for the way he's been acting?

I feel as if it was the same as when we were dating except we have no labels this time (boyfriend/girlfriend).

And he told me that a girl was interested in him, but he was not interested in her and proceeded to make out with me.

I don't understand and my feelings are getting confusing.

I went into this relationship knowing full well that I no longer feelings for him (after an extensive talk with no rekindled spark). What I missed was the sex, but I don't know what's going on.


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  • He just use you for physical pleasure.

    He doesn't have any intention of going beyond that.


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