How should I tell a guy I like him?

he's been broken up with the girl who was his first love for about 8 months so even though he claims he's over her I'm not sure. but were friends and I really like him I just don't know how to go about it he flirts now so I think he likes me back. one morething we work together and he's always very supportive of my life and doesn't allow me to get discouraged and looks out for me so I don't want to do anything that will upset this balance and scare his friendship away but I'm pretty sure he's interested should I wait for him which he's shy and has no confidence just superficial fake confidence or tell him I like him and how


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  • Of course you should tell him. Yes, it might damage your friendship if he says no, but keeping quiet and being unhappy because of it will damage your friendship in any case.

    It does sound like he likes you. Plus, a friendship is a great basis for a romantic relationship. I think the best lovers are also best friends.


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  • You should just tell him how you feel.

    If you're going to wait for him, it might take 2 years.


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