My boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend have become friends. Should I be worried?

The question basically explains itself, but should I be worried. I struggled to get over my ex-boyfriend and now that I'm finally in a good place, he comes back into my life to ruin things.

What should I do? and should I be worried that my boyfriend and my ex are friends?


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  • There's nothing to worry about.

    They're just friends.


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  • Unless your ex-bf has some very nasty stuff about you, it shouldn't be a problem. Think about it, both guys like you, so they must have some similarities.

  • Not ideal, have you spoke to your boyfriend about your concern?

    • not really, I don't wanna tell him that he can't be friends with people because of me. How can I talk to him and not act like a control freak?

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    • There's something not quite right then, please don't take this the wrong way I don't want to give you false hope, if it was me and I'm not into you I would do my best to distance myself from you and even anyone close to you. I don't know why he's doing the thing he's doing, doesn't make much sense friending your ex's friend. Very bazaar if he broke up with you. Whatever happens keep a clear head, I know emotions can be strong and sometimes we act differently when we're in this state

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  • It's difficult to say, especially since you haven't given us much information about the situation. How did they become friends? Did they become friends without knowing about each others' situations with you? And more specifically, why are you worried?

    I understand why it might be difficult to talk about your feelings regarding this with your boyfriend, without coming off as clingy/controlling. The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is to just tell him that it's making you slightly uncomfortable. That being said, you should also mention that you by no means want to control who he's allowed to be friends with (like you said yourself). That might get him thinking whether or not it's such a good idea to remain friends with your ex.

    So yeah, just tell him you're concerned and a bit worried, and see how he reacts. Hopefully they're in the early stages of friendship, so it won't be awkward if your boyfriend decides it isn't the best idea to stay friends with your ex. If your boyfriend is understanding, he'll do his best to prevent you from feeling so worried about it.

    • They met at a party that a mutual friend to us three was hosting. I don't think my boyfriend realized at first because I never showed him what my ex-boyfriend looked like, I'm worried that those feelings towards my ex-boyfriend will come back after I went through such a hard time to get over out break-up.

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