Why do men say that they don't want to hurt us and break up?

We dated for 2 months and everything was doing great!

He was super sweet and nice, he sometimes brought me breakfast in the morning, texting me, saying that he missed me when we didn't see each other, come sleep over and so on.

We never really had arguments but, "why did you step on the carpet with your shoes"and random stuff like that.

And he also told me that he never really had a serious relationship and our was the longest he never had.

He often mentionned about us living together. I think he had everything I was and I am looking for!

i texted him recently saying that I missed spending time with him and that I couldn't wait for this feeling to go away. And he answered that he missed spending time with me too and that when he bikes home he always feels like coming to my place and that it was normal for us to miss each other but it is just temporary

We broke up 2 times the first time he wanted to end it after a few weeks and when I agreed he apologized the 2nd time I wanted to break up he didn't want to let me go and then THE break up was made out randomly by phone and he told me that he didn't want to hurt me..

im not in love with him or anything and he knows it! I just don't get why he wants to break up with me!


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  • I can't seem to really understand your question.. so, you're saying, you don't love him yet it'd hurt you that you two will break up? that kinda doesn't really make sense.

    I think in serious relationships, more girls end up hurting the guys and not the other way around, when the guy is just looking for fun it's obvious and the relationship usually ends before getting too deep, on the other hand, a girl can meet a guy who is ALL SHE WANTS, and he can treat her better than she ever dreamed of, and then after a year or two she would start having confusions and doubts and probably break up out of the blue (I speak out of experience)..

    Now, if you love him and do not want to break up with him, why complicate things? TELL HIM THAT, chances are he would like it and you can build your relationship again. If you don't then for goodness sake, let him find someone who does.


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  • Frist it sounds like you were to clingy you can't love someone that much in two months .it sounds like lust so dönt text him or ring turn your phone off and see if he comes to you

  • If you are openly and honestly able to say you are not in love with him, I don't think there's a point to you trying to figure out the answer to your question. If generally, you just want to know why this happens, I believe its probably just the guy's gut feeling. They probably don't feel the relationship is right for them or see a future, and they just feel this is the best decision in the long run.


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