so where do me and my crush stand? please help

me (I was drunk)- "baby be mine and not ignored!"

him-"i'm pretty tired, but I'm guessing that's a lyric?"

me-"no idiot its a command. sort of a lyric if you know michael jackson"

him-"not as well as I probably should. so what's the nature of this command?"

me- "ugh... I like you! do something about it!"

that's when I first told him I liked him a couple of weeks ago

he called me and told me he liked me too, as more than a friend and wanted to work something out with me

and that he felt stupid for not saying anything

so we talked the next day

him-"so where'd last night come from?"

me-"a bunch of liquid confidence...but I wasn't lying. I just never said anything before because I wasn't really sure and I'm pretty shy"

him-"haha nice, I kinda figured there was a little of that good stuff involved"

me- "lmao yeah, sorry I woke you up too"

him-"i do like you though. it's not often I get to know a girl that's not only stunning, but truly interesting. but how do you feel?"

me- "i feel the same way. I just feel like you're a pretty good guy who's real and is quite a looker too"

him- "haha well thank you! we'll definitely need to get together next chance we get, I'll be heading back home after the semester ends"

then about a week or so later, I got a really good summer internship where my college is located, so I won't be coming home for the summer full time, I thought I should tell him

me- "hey about the summer... I have an internship, so I won't be able to see you as much as I thought :/"

him- "that's awesome! I mean, yeah that kinda sucks about the summer but where's your internship?"

and then we just talked about what I'll be doing, but I didn't know where we stood, so a few days later...

me- "so when I told you that I'd be in orlando for the summer, how'd you feel? I'm just curious because I know stuff kind of happened pretty fast a few weeks ago and everything."

him- "well I was bummed, but I was genuinely happy for you, it's a great step for your career. but I guess I was pretty relieved. I wanted to make a move at your place when we hung out during spring break, but I didn't because I had been thinking of this other girl that I met up here. we're not together or anything, though, since I'm moving back home soon anyway."

me- "why were you relieved?"

him- "because when we talked about our feelings that day, it felt like I was giving up on this girl here. I like you a lot, don't get me wrong. but we're not in the same city right now."


me- "yeah, I see. that's why when we agreed to do something over the summer and plans changed, I wondered if things wouldn't go the same way if I was still away. and I'm glad I didn't semi embarass myself the last time I saw you. so where does that leave you and i? I'd still like to try"

him- "haha, so would i! let's just wait until we're in the same town. or when I win the lottery to pay for truckloads of gas. or I guess I'd have to start playing the lottery first."


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  • There is a connection, but he's being realistic too. You obviously live a bit of distance from each other, and nothing serious has happened yet so there is no strong pull for him to put himself out there to get to you.

    You feel something for him, but face it. Over the summer you could just as easily meet someone while interning and completely forget about this guy.

    From what it sounds like, it was going to try and turn into something to see how it goes. It still could...but not until later.

    Suggestion: Don't hold breath, but don't lose contact either. Remain friends. As the girl, you have the power to control the dreaded "Friend Zone". So you can keep in touch and chat and laugh, but feel free to see other people, he shouldn't and doesn't feel committed now, but still wants to keep you as a friend (possibly more if there is availability).


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  • You two really aren't "together." He is keeping his options open, and if you believe in the golden rule, then you should be able to have yours open too.

    He sounds like a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, and he is just going to let reality / time work itself out, and if you both end up somewhere, then you both end up somewhere. If not and its with another girl, then its with another girl.

    He kind of reminds me of driftwood :)

  • Sounds to me like he likes you a lot but is happy for your opportunity but sad that he won't get to see you as much as he like. Sounds as though he's cracking jokes to keep the mood at a good level. I think you should ask about maybe a long term relationship for a while, especially if its going to be just over the summer. The summer is not that long. Call each other daily and Skype if time allows. Just try to stay in contact so the interest in each other doesn't fad.


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