Seeing for 6 months but too scared?

Simple story. Been seeing him for six months, met me pretty soon after a split from his ex of about two years. But she turned out to be a complete pshcho. We're exactly the same as if we were official, but he says he's too scared to have a girlfriend. Yet acts like I am his girlfriend. What is this?!? Haha
We see each other a lot, go out a lot, have sex a lot, even do all the family stuff like going to granny's house ha. I don't think I mind because he does make me happy, I probably just want to feel secure. We even have rules. Exactly the same ad a relationship so there's no f***ing about. Just confuses me that if its no different why isn't it?


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  • It seems that he's just using you for physical pleasure and nothing more than that.


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