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There was this guy I liked a while back. He worked at this restaurant I went to often. I started flirting with him on Facebook and he started flirting back. We sat and chatted a few times while he was on his break, and things were going good for a couple weeks and then he wanted to hang out. I wanted to hang out, but then my ex suddenly wanted to get back together with me and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I told the new guy what was up, and I'm assuming he saw that as flaky of me which I suppose is true. Things with my ex didn't work out so I tried to talk to the newer guy again and he suddenly stopped acting interested in me completely doing the usual things guys do when they don't care for you anymore like taking forever to respond to texts and stuff.

I decided to leave him alone thinking he might miss me after a while, but a couple months later I see that he has this new girlfriend, and forgive me for sounding shallow but she's isn't attractive. I know looks aren't everything but I know a girl who knows her and she's terrible. She's got 4 kids from 3 different guys. She's obese and stays on Facebook constantly fighting with her ex baby daddy.

I don't understand how this guy could choose her over me. I'm thin, fairly attracted, have an education and modeling career, no kids or baggage...I'm positive I can be better to him than his current girl. Why do guys pick women who have nothing going for them?


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  • Most likely because she cares for him while you put him behind your ex in priority.


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  • You seriously wanna know why? Because she puts him on the first place and does not consider him as a second choice, like you did. You shouldn't have told him about your ex.. Plus, honey, come on. You sound extremely superficial. It's not all about the looks.

  • He probably just assumed that you were going to go back to your ex. I honestly wouldn't worry about it. I mean it is his loss. Don't beat yourself up.


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