Girls, I've Been Thinking About My Ex From A While Ago... Is This Normal?

My apologies if this is long...

About 3 years ago, I "dated" this girl for about a month or so. Reason why I put quotes was that it didn't feel like a relationship. It was one of those things where we said we're boyfriend and girlfriend, but didn't act as if it were the case. We were never intimate, never really had deep conversation, and never really hung out. We just texted each other every day for a little bit.

I think back then we wanted to be in a relationship because we never had one before. I had a huge crush on her before but I never really knew how to treat a girl special when we're dating so it really fell through. She broke up with me, and left me devastated. I was so depressed for about 6 months until I got over it and told myself I'd never get involved with her ever again no matter what.

About 3 months ago, she messaged me on Facebook out of nowhere just to talk. I was confused and pretty much gave her the cold shoulder, because I didn't know what was going on.

Now, fast forward to now, and she puts up a picture of herself on Instagram. And I get drawn back to her all of a sudden. For some reason now I can't stop thinking about her after that moment. She always tweets on how she hates being single and that she wants a boyfriend but I don't know how to interpret it. Is it weird that I'm thinking about my ex from 3 years ago, when I've met a lot more people from that time till now?

Would really like your advice :)


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  • If you're still in that same kind of place - you haven't had relationships since, and want one - then yes, it's normal. She was your first "girlfriend" experience, and now having her talk to you, and seeing her pictures and tweets about wanting a boyfriend - is making you think about her again.

  • Things change a lot in three years. If you miss her so much then why don't you have a chat with her and see where it leads.


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