People who say they don't know what they want, but in reality they do...

Okay it just amazes me how people say they don't know what they want, but then again they do. Say your ex tells you that they are thinking about being with you again and telling you that they love you and miss you. But they are taken by someone else but might leave them for you. You with me so far?

Then you spend some time with that ex of yours, and they cheat on them with you. and then a couple of days fly by and all of a sudden they tell you that they don't know what they want and need "more" time to think.

Then tells you that they might wanna be single and not date for awhile, but yet they are still with their girl/boy friend.

Okay seriously if they don't know what they want and need to figure it out, Wouldn't it be easier to be single and figure it out instead of leading on their ex and their current boy or girlfriend?

Why do people do this, but yet still tell people that they still don't know what they want, even though they pretty much do because they are still taken and leading that person on.

Stupid if you ask me.


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  • For the most part, people don't know what they want. They're like lost leaves in the wind, and base their opinions on the affirmation of others. That is one reason why Abercrombie, Coke and similar popular brands sell so fast because they have monopolized on a certain trait (social worth for example), in turn people purchase them because they have seen a celebrity or notable individual use such product (which is a tactic of monopolizing on a trait/quality), and ultimately becomes a situation tantamount to a herd of buffaloes running in unison.

    If people knew what they want, and wanted, politicians would be out of business before tomorrow morning.

    But I think people should just have a relationship when there about ti get married lol . so no one breaks any others hearts


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  • People like this want it all, and they stay with their current boyfriend/girlfriend because of fear, fear that if they left they would lose that person, and they don't have the other person, so they aren't as inclined to feel like they are gonna lose them, because they are leading them on at the same time, and might be taking advantage of someone's ability to forgive easily.

    Yeah it is stupid, and it sucks being the person whose being lead on, I wish I could read minds lol.


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  • It's a cop out so they can avoid looking bad. Most people are very aware of their intentions, they just aren't honest about them.

    Obviously, he knew what he wanted, he just knew that if he was honest he would have to deal with an adverse reaction. Better to spout some platitudes and slink away without having to deal with the consequences.

    It's a cowards approach, plain and simple.

    • Yep, in this situation, he wanted to sleep with the ex one more time (because asking for permission to do something horrible is much more difficult than asking for forgiveness afterwards) while keeping the girlfriend. Ugh.

  • Knowing what you want and having the courage to go for it and talk about it are two different things. Usually, these things involve a lot of feelings, fear, insecurities and they run deeper than just "going for it."

  • They want to have their cake and eat it too. They lack empathy and hurt people because they put themselves first. It's an empty existence, even though they may get the "perks" of life (having two people after them, thus stroking their egos).


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