Should I tell her what is on my mind? PLEASE READ!!! I'm in desperate mode. I need your help!!!!

So I have been talking to this person for 3 months now. I have been shy and kind of reserved the entire time. She gave me her phone number and we have talked quite a bit. She has personal issues going on (not other guys or anything like that) we have gone out twice now and every time we go out she tells me she had a great time. Well the last time we went out I walked her to her car, and before she left she practically jumped on me to hug me and said again that she had a great time! I really like her but I am scared of what she will say to me if I reveal this too soon. I am trying to take it slow but if I move too slow I will end up in the friend zone. Then again if I move too fast I will freak her out. I'm to the point that I almost make myself sick thinking about this. She is kind and very easy to talk to, well easy to talk to about everything but this. I want to try to set up another outing, so should I tell her "I like you, and I know you have a lot going on but if feel like if you don't know where I am coming from the I can't be sure where were going". Is it time to move this relationship to the next level? Any advice is greatly appreciated!.


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  • Go ahead and tell her how you feel.

    • So you think by what you have read there is enough to go ahead and disclose how I feel? Or should I go out one more time? Then tell her how I feel?

    • You have talked to her for 3 mo, that's a long enough time to get to like someone. You could tell her the next time you are out with her.

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  • You can either be in this continual zone of uncertainty until some guy who doesn't hesitate comes in and swoops her up, or you can be that man who swoops her up. If she's not into you that way, no amount of waiting will change that. But if she is into you - waiting definitely would.

  • yes


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