Is my ex fighting it or trying to f*** with me ?

We were togther for 2years things were tough as I became friends with me ex we were over for over a year . Anyway I was sexual abused for 7years and he got me out of there or I would of been diead .anyway I ended it with my boyfriend (now ex ) because I felt as he did not care and I had no where to go and the other guy took me in . I slept in the spare bedroom nothink happend but my boyfriend ( now ex ) thinks somethink did happen. We got back togther things were okay and I took the sexual abuse further and now its going to court anyway how He ended it last Sunday. But I saw him today and Wednesday and both days he walked me to my door ( which he has never done befor )

and kissed me and he is now says he don't want to be with me but will never drop me and will always be at the end of the phone and will come to the court case with me and when I left he huged me and kissed me and said keep smileing and quitely said baby and said he is cooking chicken in the week and I can come round what going on help?


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  • how many times anonymous girls?... DONT TALK TO YOUR EX

  • sounds like he is really trying to make an effort to get back together with you

    • What do I do tho ?

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    • I have but he just not listen and gets mad what should I do . What makes you listen to a girl ? Lol

    • first of all make it clear to him that nothing happened between you and the other guy. then just calmly explain everything you feel. that just firmly puts the ball in his park. if he doesn't want a relationship then you are just going to have to accept that and stay friends. guys always listen to girls they truly care about!

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