Should I move on like i’ve been trying to or try harder for him?

Ok we met about a year ago and have been talking for a bit every few months and then stop talking then meet up and hang out. THen someone stops talking to the other and then somsone texts the other. It’s been like this since we meet. Since we first met i’ve been drawn to him, and I don’t know why . He’s not even my type, i’m use to hustler’s guys who make bank and have the same luxary lifstyle as me. Who know fashion and enjoy desginer brands. He’s a bit more country lol and I don't know . Kinda went a little to fast on the first date, I ended up jumping him lol but best sex i’ve ever had. WE never seem to make time for one another , when he has time for me i’m busy or not up to going out. When I have time for him something’s always up. I gave up and moved on a few months ago but he always texts me randomly, we make plans and they never get carried threw. He even remembered my birthday and even tho he thought it was sooner that it was on the right day he told me happy birthday again which I thought was super sweet. I’ve got a thing for him but I don't know what to do. If I should just keep moving on or try again? I don't know what to do


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  • Move on.

    It seems that he's just seeing you for hook up reasons now.


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