What is my ex thinking when he is the one who dumped me?

I was with this guy for over a year and this is the second time we broke up. The first time it was for just a week and over something stupid and this time its because I was constantly assuming he still had feelings for his ex (I see how toxic that is now) well anyways, it has been over 2 weeks now and at first he would talk to me just to tell me to move on and stuff and now he blocked my number and is talking sh*t about me to everyone when I didn't even do anything! I do want him back but he is dead set against it but I don't see how realistic it is to just drop someone after he claimed I was the first girl he has ever "loved like that"... is there any hope? or should I give up?


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  • It's been 2 weeks, he has cut off contact with you, and now he's trash talking you, it's time to move on. Do you really want him back at this point? Obviously there is a trust issue between you two if you think he still has feelings for his ex. It's past time to move on, walk away while you still have some dignity.


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