Am I annoying my ex boyfriend?

Here goes! I can't believe I'm doing this.

So me and this guy were really good friends before we got together, but then he decided that he wanted to be with me and pursued me. I was sort of worried about ruining our friendship but I gave in and it was a really fun relationship! It was never serious though. We were never going to get married or anything. He always told me how much he cared about me and put so much effort into my gifts and things like that. Now, once university started we started worrying about whether we could stay together because we're both doing really intense degrees and needed to get very high grades. I brought the subject up, he was shocked. A week later he ended up breaking up with me.

I saw the break up coming but during the break up he was really horrible to me, insulting me and telling his friends that I was a "clingy b**ch" and he was "so glad he was done" with me. I contacted him once two days after the breakup, to talk about things a little. I was confused about why he was so angry. We talked but he was really monotone. I talked to him once more a week later and he completely ignored me.

Now, I just found out that he's been diagnosed with diabetes. And of course, I worry. It's type one diabetes, and I heard he's terrified. Even though we're broken up and I'm over him... I care about him, you know? We were really good friends before we even got together.

I'm just wondering if I'm out of line for worrying about him? Everyone is saying I'm being too nice and I should hate him for the things he said about me and there's no point in worrying about someone that doesn't care about you. But this isn't even about us, this is about me caring about him as a human being.

Should I just stop giving a crap about this guy?


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  • depends, honestly its really hard to be friends with an ex until both parties' feelings are gone.

    if one person still has slight romantic feelings it is impossible...

    he was most likely scared that you were about to break up with him so he did it first

    if you care then let him know, if he don't want it and keeps treating you like trash then its his loss.

    try once more, if he's still gonna act like a baby then cut off all contact lol. I bet hell be blowing up your phone in a few days or weeks


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