What is up with my ex-girlfriend lol?

Basically we were each others' first relationship. I was her first boyfriend and vice versa. Anyway, the breakup was my fault, I was immature about some things and we went our separate ways. I immediately regretted it and chased after her a bunch of times. She would act as if she liked me and then deny it and we would stop talking. I concluded she liked me but didn't want to and decided to move on with my life. These last three months she's been talking to other guys or whatever, and her current guy is some short-looking dude. They are always making out but she avoids doing that when I'm around and won't hold his hand in front of me or a crowd. Anyway.

Recently my ex has been favoriting my tweets... At the same time everyday she'll go and favorite a day old tweet. She liked two old pictures of mine the other day on instagram when she doesn't even follow me. My friends tell me she was talking sh*t about me recently but it seems she's stopped. In person she's been making conversation and when I see her she makes eye contact instead of avoiding it... Its weird. Today in class I was listening to a song and she was telling me how she was listening to the same song earlier. She also tried to join in on a conversation I was having with my friend but I just ignored her lol.

Shes still talking to this other kid though so I'm really confused.


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  • I think she probably still has feelings for you, and always has. However, you screwed up and she doesn't want to get hurt again. She is dating this new guy cause he hasn't hurt her but she is still interested in you. I would just stay civil keep your distance, and see how is pans out.


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  • Don't bother with her.

    Even though she wants to get close with you, she's not worth it anymore.


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