If you move in with a guy way too soon will you become old to him?

If you be around a guy 24 7 all days of the week will you become old to him?


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  • Not if he really cares for you, but he's still going to want his own time/space. I don't know one single guy that wants to be with his woman EVERY moment of the day. If you are talking about the beginning of a relationship, this is a goofy time. You're both excited about each other so you want to spend a lot of time. If that's where you are at, I understand completely. Leave some mystery though, and give him a few days to himself and the opportunity to miss you. As far as moving in too early goes, I'm not one to talk . . . I met my guy in February (two years ago), we became an official couple in April, moved in together in June and he proposed to me that New Years. Soo, 'taking our time', wasn't on the agenda for us. However, we are both now 28, and things move a little different once you're in your later twenties vs early twenties. Plus, everything just felt really right. After knowing him for 4 months I knew that I would say yes if he proposed and I've dated plenty of guys, one for 3 years and another for 4 years, and not once did I ever have that feeling, like I did for my current. So I wasn't calculating the risk like I normally would, I don't think he did either, we just sort of jumped in head first.

    • thsi is different she around him 24/7 the only breath he has is at work and with friends she stay in the house all day long

    • Ya he's probably going to get sick of that. Unless she's a sex goddess or something

    • sex goddess lol

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  • Yes. This has been documented time and time again. It is one of the major factors in why marriages fail: Being used to your 'lover' and then marrying them expecting something magical to happen.

  • No one is around each other 24x7. That being said - you become 'old' only if you allow the relationship to stale and take it for granted.

    • well she aorund 24/7 the only space he has is at work and friends...she don't have any...not even a job or college career even started...she just sit around him all day

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    • she should be doing things to get herself out of the house for her own value, not just because she might be up a guy's ass all the time.

    • thats what I told her I told her don't no dam guy want a girl who can't keep a job

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