Me and my ex are still talking & hanging out etc will it ever be a relationship again?

Me and my ex are still talking and hanging out and have the benefits without the commitment. He hurt me I hurt him he wants to be single he says b.c he wants to get his own place & a job before he can commit again. I help him a lot finding a job, I'm helping him find a place he always ask now its been like that before he broke it off though.

He plays with me a lot in public and alone & doesn't act any different. He still talks to his ex who is married & lives in michigan we live in north carolins, she tells him everything about her and her husbands fights & it bothers me I can't say anything b.c I'm single it's a fair game but it bothers me. I asked if he wanted to keep seeing me he said yes he loves hanging out with me he just can't give me what I need I guess even though I've been there. Will it ever be a relationship again and how can we get it there together.


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  • It could be, but I doubt it. If he says he doesn't want more, don't hope that he'll change his mind.


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