Ex texted me, now I'm confused. help!

So me and my ex met through work, Became good friends decided to start going out together. Broke up, I turned a good break up bad by trying to get her back. I did some damage control and appologized for everything and she said she was sorry too. That was the last time I heard from her about a month ago until yesterday.

She texted me and asked if I was gonna go back to work because we both asked to quit/for time off at the same time when we broke up. I said maybe because I needed money and she said she was thinking about it too. We talked about some small stuff and I told her about a possible career opening for me. She said she was really happy for me and she hopes that it works out and that was it.

I'm confused as to why she would text me after all the stuff she said to me? She didn't need to ask me if I was going back to work she could have found out 10000 different other ways. I still have feelings for her and I feel stupid for responding but I already did. What was she looking for out of that text to me?

I was thinking about just waiting for her to text me again because I don't want to show any weakness or that I still have feelings for her so she can play around with me.


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  • I agree with waiting for her to text again. If she really wants to get back with you she'll do it.

    • yeah, it's just killing me. I hella want to text her now -_-. Right when I was starting to get better she has to go and casually text me and be nice. After she was the one who told me to leave her a lone and it would take years for us to be friends... I feel like she wants something or is just being sneaky.

    • that sucks! yea, if she texts again, what she says might be a clue.

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  • She's just worried about you since you're financially drained. Nothing to think much about.

    • I don't think she was concerned about me not having money. She also was talking about how she really needs a job too and was thinking about going back. Like she knows I have a home and a place to stay. I just don't get why she would break NC over something stupid like are you going back to work? I live with my dad so the only thing I don't have is money to go out and do stuff atm.

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  • She probably wants to open lines of communication again. Be open to it if you want to chat.


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