Has he moved on for good?

Ex broke up with me almost a month ago. During this time I've called him three times. The first time I was a bit tipsy. I knew it was wrong and I was just going to leave it at that. But then he told me that I could call him anytime I want, just not when I'm under the influence of alcohol. So I called him two more times when I really missed him. And the convos were short, we just talked about random things that went on. He was really nice, and sometimes the way he spoke to me like we were still together...but then he never tried to contact me. When I said I missed hearing his voice, he laughed and said that's cute. Has he really moved on?


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  • Oh yeah, he's moved on. If he had any lingering feelings for you, he wouldn't be so blase about talking to you.


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  • He moved on a LONG time ago I bet. You better do the same.


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  • its hard to accept but if he isn't trying to get you back..You shouldn't contact him anymore,it will just keep hurting u

  • quit contacting him it is only adding salt to your wound. He has moved on you should do the same


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