Gf and I had a fight bout a month ago.

She's not only my ex girlfriend but my son's mother and we were together almost 4 yrs. The fight started over the dumbest misunderstanding and somehow escalated into this. Anyway she has always been kinda insecure and pushy even before our relationship with previous. She plays a lot of mind games such as early in our relationship she text me from what turned out to be her parents number sayin that it was a guy that wanted to date her. Anyway now she has me blocked on Facebook and everywhere and is supposedly talking to a guy I honestly think it's another mind game but you never know and even though I think she's crazy as batsh*t I love her to death. She is very loyal and I love that about her. Can anyone tell me if I should wait and see what happens or try to move on Because I'm not one to play games such as her and when I move on I'm planning to move on not just play with her mind...


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  • You should move on.

    Things wouldn't escalate quickly from small misunderstandings unless one person, her, wants to be out of the relationship.


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