Want to know the power secret game of a break up?

The one who initiates the stance to say DO NOT CONTACT ME!

or the one that just plainly stops has the power to make the other go crazy in thoughts about you. the power of the LAST WORD IN.

Or even the unanswered question no matter who plays it . the break-up'ee or the break-up'er... The other suffers and thinks about it. that is the power over the other... sure does suck being asked not to contact her again. lol uhhggg


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  • Either take that at face value, and move on, or go ahead and try and contact her, and maybe enter an exciting new chapter of your life involving the exciting world of restraining orders...


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  • The secret to not ever breaking up is commitment, similar values/morals, and love. Those trump trying to break up and getting the last word in. If you do break up, it is better to not treat it like a game, cherishing the time that was loved, and breaking it off sadly, not always needing to say "Do not contact me."

  • Whoa! That's called "no contact" and I've used it a million times with great success. Nothing new lol.


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