What can or should I do?

Why does this always happen? I met this guy a week ago and today was the second time we hung out. It was amazing! We went out to diinner and just hung out at his place and talked about everythin.

He is so so nice and sweet. He deffly has a sense of humor and has a side of him that I get. We kiss and have little moments but we haven't gone all the way. I'm happy about that and he told me he doesn't want to move to quick and that's he's "old fashion" Because he always has and it messes up things. He told me he doesn't want that to happen with us.

Anyway the big issue for all of this is well... He's moving an hour and a half away! Back near his hometown because he's getting out of the coast guard. Like what the hell.

I asked him if he still want to hang out and he said he does but it's going to be hard. I know I might be over thinking it but honestly he is a great guy and I don't wanna lose him before I even get the chance to get to know him more.

What should I do!?


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  • Time to find someone new.

  • Well, you just need to bid your goodbye and find a new guy.


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