Ex girlfriend started talking to me again but has a boyfriend

So my ex girlfriend (we were together about 3 years) started talking to me again after two months from the break up. She was the one to break things off. She told me that she has a new boyfriend and now they have been together for one month. She started to email me when they met one month ago. It was just occasional casual talk. She also agreed to meet me one month ago and she suggested us to remain friends, because we have a long history together and she doesn't want to loose me completely. She told me about her new guy too.

Well here comes the strangiest part:

The further their relationship progresses (and it's seems to be too fast as she mentioned that to me!?), the more she will keep in touch with me. Now it's not just email, also sms and calls almost every day. She's always happy to talk with me and she brings up the good moments and all the memories we had and she says there couldn't be a better friend and she also told: "You are the only one with I can talk about everything, and you are the only one with whom I have such a unique connection!"

It's pretty obvious that she is hiding our communication from her new boyfriend. She calls and text always when she is alone. Well I can't be 100% sure about it but chances are it's hidden communication. She usually communicates in mornings or nights, when she is alone or her new guy is sleeping.

We didn't communicate for about two months after the break up and now the connection is there and it's almost like before the break up. Just without "I love you and miss u" things...

Is that a rebound? I never ask about the new guy and I wished all the best. I still love her I genuinely want the best for her. But is there a chance she wants me back?!


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  • Ok, I just posted a question very similar to yours. However, it is my ex boyfriend that is all of a sudden txting back and forth with me. I really feel that there are a few possibilities here: 1. She feels guilty. 2. She really truly misses you, and is not quite sure about his new relationship. 3. She wants to make sure that you are still there for her while she is "testing" the waters. In any case, you need to stop with texting, emails, phone calls, etc all together. You need to show her that you are strong, and it does not matter what is going on in her life, or yours. I truly feel that the more someone misses you, and realizes you are not still available to them, then it gets them thinking, especially if it is a rebound, which it is. Rebound relationships do not work! I will say this again, Rebound relationships don't work! If they do, it is very rare. Especially if he is the first guy she has dated since your break-up. All it is is something new! It is the chemicals in the brain that give you a high. That is why the first 3 months is called the honeymoon phase. After this wears off, then the truly getting to know each other happens. Then what happens when the grass isn't greener?

    • Yes, he is the first guy she has dated since our break up and she just MET this guy one month ago and their things are progressig too quick.. she herself said this to ME! I can sense she misses me (the things she says in phone calls and her voice)... but yes, this ignoring thing makes sense. I will stick to it! Thank you! Let's see what happens :)

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  • I couldn't handle hearing about her new man. I wouldn't want to speak with her at all. If my ex contacted me and I knew he had a new love interest it would hurt me. Good luck to THEM, but I wouldn't want to out myself in that situation. If you are OKAY with it and don't read into any of her communication as anything except FRIENDSHIP and you don't have feelings for her then I guess its all GOOD, but I know personally I couldn't do it.

  • I would say kick her to the curb, she left you. She got someone new. Its no longer your concern. It was her choice. I think you could do so much better.

    Im sure she still has those feelings for you blah blah blah but do you really want to take the chance of getting hurt again?


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  • It's not a rebound. She just cares for your friendship.


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