Would any of you ever forgive cheating?

So my boyfriend cheated on me. He was out of town for buisness a few days ago and he got fired there. He had always been jealous of my ex, but you know it's a small town and we go to the same collegem so I can't avoid him. My ex has been a great friend after the break up anyways.

Either way after he got back from his trip his jealous got into new dimensions. He constantly asked if I was cheating, until I asked him if he was.

Turns out he was. He said that he just got fired and was increddibly drunk and that he'd do anything for me to forgive him. I believe he does regret it, he was crying and everything. And I don't hate him for it, but I still don't want to be with him anymore.

To my surprise tons of people were coming up to me saying that what he did was so wrong, but I should try to make it work and just forgive him.

wtf? I know this town is conservative, but why would anyone forgive that?
Would any of you ever forgive cheating?
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