Do guys want their girlfriends to cry for them? Am I wrong?

This is connected to the previous (first) question that I asked on GAG (but can also be treated as a separate question)...

I always tried to keep a straight face when my ex said hurtful things about him leaving me. I told him not to leave, but kept a straight face and cried later when I was alone. If I was scared of losing him, I would still keep a straight face, smile or avoid looking at him in the eye, when I was upset. He used to tell things about other girls- what I'd do if I left me for of them... Most of the times, I'd try to ignore it... but sometimes it'd get to me. I'd still do my best to smile at him.

Once he told me how he tried to bed his ex, after he started an *unofficial relationship* with me, and I avoided getting upset in front of him and burst out laughing.

Was I wrong when I hid it, when I was upset? Was I wrong when I didn't show my feelings? Will these behaviors of mine cause problems in my relationships in the future? Will relationships work for me in the future?

Kinda am still in touch with my ex, having trouble getting over him and scared that I won't succeed in a relationship, that I might hurt the other guys that come my way.


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  • you didn't hide your feelings. you told him not to leave. that is letting him know you care.

    though he was being an a**hole so it doesn't really matter if you were more emotive or not. he should be out of your lifeas it is.

    also a lot of people listen to your view more seriously if you're not being dramatic. I don't think you need to cry. just be honest. that should be enough for anyone who genuinely cares about you.

    • he didn't cry when _he_ said shi**y things about you. why should you cry when you hear it from him. you should just say goodbye.

      anyone who doesn't respect you is not worth getting upset over. let alone crying for. you likely did not want to feel anything in respect because he was being demeaning and you wanted to maintain your dignity and not get sucked in... perfectly rational imo,

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    • no problem. ou seem like avery genuine person. I think your reserved behavior was totally rational and warranted. I don't think its a sign you will have problems in the future.

      i get you had feelings for this guy, but really I think you're absolutely better off.. onto better things ;)

      good luck.

    • Thank you very much. ^_^ I will do my best and will try to focus on my studies, etc. :)

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  • Yes, you're wrong when you try to hide your feelings. It's being fake.

    It's detrimental to relationships.


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