Dealing with a break up.

My boyfriend of almost 3 months broke it off by text yesterday night... When it happened I was crying my eyes out; I gave him everything during our relationship .

Basically my question is yesterday I was down and broken and today I was happy and feeling on top of the world... Is that normal?


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  • You know what, yes its normal to have all types of different emotions when a break up occurs. It can cause a drastic change in your mood and make you feel happy or sad. It all depends on how you control your emotions and getting through the feelings of a break up and making yourself feel happy because, maybe that just the right person in your life and another will come along and make your life much better! Just go out with your friends and have fun being single and not waiting for love just yet. Its okay to have time to yourself also to get over the breakup and not get into another relationship right away and be free. Everything happens for a reason, just remember to safeguard your heart and find true happiness within yourself and life!


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  • he (broke it off by text yesterday night..) (almost 3 months..) of relationship., the right question would be is it normal to cry over it, since the whole thing was probably build on texts and didn't last long...

    • UHM no it wasn't built on texts... we saw each other basically every day during those 3 months...

  • It's normal. It means that you're going to enjoy your life now.


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