First of May holidays (aka spring break) and I'm stuck at home

I'm stuck at home for a couple of reasons all of witch get me in an even worse mood that I'm in.

First my financial situation is currently so bad that I don't want to have any extra expenses as in traveling costs and etc. Not that I couldn't afford a little holiday witch I probably could I just can't think of splurging in a time like this.

Second I've got nobody to keep me company. My friends are all with their significant others or we have drifted apart to a point I wouldn't feel comfortable asking to hang out.

Third some how I've always been able to hang out in some sort of female company that I've enjoyed. But now I can't seem to find any company that I could even hang out with let alone enjoy.

Forth I have to keep an eye out for my mother who has just returned from two months in the hospital and has to receive medication and kept under observation if her state deteriorates. Granted my dad is taking care of most of it but I can see that he has his hands full but I still need to help him out because if I don't he'll go insane.

Fifth I keep thinking if maybe I made a wrong decision with breaking up with my ex about a year and a half ago and I hate the fact that she's having a great time somewhere and I can't. I don't mind her having a great time. That's great and I'm happy for her I just don't know why I can't.

Sixth I keep thinking what I can do or be doing to get my future to be more exact or what can be done to make it more secure. Financially and in other aspects.

And after all that going to the sea side trying to relax for spring break somehow just lost it's meaning but I'm getting more and more depressed at home because there's nothing much to do and I can't even seem to relax and get my strength up because I'm so exhausted of everything.

Any advice on what to do? Or what would you do?


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  • Personally, I've been in this "situation".

    You need to stop making excuses for yourself.

    You've got 7 "reasons", which are only valid in the tiniest details.

    There's literally nothing to stop you taking a break, so go ahead and have that little holiday.

    There's nothing going to be good in life, if you're going to look at the negatives all the time.

    • I know. The only thing stopping me is my own reasons and financially witch is more problematic.

      But I guess I'm gonna try and work something out so I can get out of the city for at least a few days.

      Yeah I know I tend to focus on the negative but all the stuff that would usually make me happy isn't working out so I got a little carried away with the negativity.

  • Get a girlfriend.

    You need someone beside you.


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